*BattleForce Intro

BattleForce - Heavy Metal Combat

What is BattleForce? It is a game that simulates combat between two or more giant, robot-like machines. Simple words can't begin to give you the feel of piloting a 30 - 40 foot tall, fire breathing, earth shaking colossus that obeys your every whim. To enjoy the game you must put yourself in the cockpit of a Battle Mech. Live the experience!

You are the elite of the elite - a Mech Warrior. Your Battle Mech thunders under you as you pace across the land, searching for a reported enemy mech. You view the land around you, searching for the enemy. To your left the plain climbs gradually from low hills up to high mountains. To your right is a lake, the calm waters shading from light to cobalt blue as the water deepens in the center, with patches of treacherous swamp at the edges. Ahead of you the hills meet a mixture of light and heavy woods. You are debating whether to climb the hills or fight your way through the trees when the enemy mech steps over the crest of the hill.

Your heart leaps as you recognize a heavy Archer, just as he fires one of his massive 20 racks of Long Range Missiles. Your Marauder is staggered by the multiple impacts as you frantically pit your piloting skill against 75 tons of overbalanced mech. You swivel your torso and call up your weapons display. The reassuring green lights indicate that all weapons are ready to fire. You select your Auto Cannon 5 and one of your Particle Projection Cannons. A moment later your combat display shows you your field of fire and weapon range. The targeting pipper is blinking on the Archer as you fire your weapons up the mountain.

The crash of your cannon tears chunks of armor from the Archer, but the scintillating beam of the PPC slashes to the left of the Archer. "Too quick" you curse under your breath. The temperature in your cockpit jumps as the heat from firing the PPC soaks into your mech. No problem so far, the heat sinks can handle it. You drive your mech into a pounding run. You've got to get close, his LRMs have a minimum effective range, if you can just get inside it...

The Archer is shrouded in smoke as another salvo of missiles blast their way toward you. Missiles clang off your armor, tearing chunks away. Your cockpit rings as one hits the head of your mech. You fight for consciousness and keep going, his racks are empty now, he has to reload.

Motion, behind you. Another Battle Mech breaks from the forest and races across the plains toward you. You quickly identify it as a light weight Stinger, ordinarily no threat to a Marauder, but it AND an Archer? What to do? Run? Fight? Fight which one?

There's no real choice, if you turn your back on the Archer he'll nail you. Ignore the Stinger. You quickly check your status. Your heat is dropping as the heat sinks suck away the excess heat. Your armor indicators are still all green although those missiles have chewed away about half of you left leg armor. Your Auto Cannon is still recycling, but your PPCs are ready. Time to Rock an' Roll.

Weapons select. You arm both of your P.P.C.s. The targeting computer comes up and you select the Archer again. Your mech is rocked by a laser blast in its vulnerable back, but you ignore it, triggering your PPCs. The warbling shreik of your PPCs echos across the plains. Blazing energy lances from each arm of your mech to impale your enemy. The first strikes the Archer dead center where his armor is the strongest, but the second beam scores a lucky hit on his vulnerable head. The Archer is staggered as armor vaporizes from his chest and head. You watch the Battle Mech fight for balance and fail, tumbling backward off the mountain.

One down. Another laser digs into your back, as red lights flash on your status display. Your back armor is breached, the laser got through to your Auto Cannon and its out of the action. You begin to turn your ponderous steed. As you turn to face the charging Stinger it suddenly jumps into the air on jets of flame.

"Damn!!!" you yell as you frantically bring up your weapons. The Auto Cannon in your Left Torso is disabled, your PPCs are still recycling. You're still hot, but there's no choice as you arm the two medium lasers in your chest. You try to target the fast moving Stinger, but before you can fire 20 tons of armor and fire power land on top of you.

Your mech shutters under the impact. You scramble to control it, but you're falling. "The next time I'm in the Factory I'm putting jump jets in this thing" you vow. The ground shakes as 75 tons of Battle Mech falls flat on its back. Lights are flashing all over. You bring up your status display. The Stinger landed on your right shoulder, its out along with all the weapons in your right arm. The fall did more damage to your weak left leg. You'll survive, now where is that little Stinger. You look around. The Stinger is racing for the forest.

"Oh no you don't" you mutter as you wait for your remaining PPC to recycle. You target the PPC at the racing Stinger's back. The warbling blast echoes across the plain as your man-made lightning bolt hits the Stinger dead center.

The Stinger stumbles, starts to fall... a blinding flash lights the sky as its fusion reactor explodes. Metal peppers your mech as the concussion threatens to knock you unconscious. Your temperature gauges peg as the mech shuts down from too much heat. With time your mech will recover. Lets just hope the Archer has had enough.