*CDBackup Changes

  • added option to specify the cdrecord executable. Default is now "cdrecord" for CD and DVD mode.
  • fixed writing continuation flag to disk if not in multi-disk mode.
  • fixed requesting continuation disk if not in multi-disk mode.
  • fixed several minor error checks and compiler warnings.
  • fixed a length check which prevented dumping of images which are bigger than half of their maximum size.
  • fixed adding a track to a virtual image >2GB.
  • fixed media size detection for DVD+.
  • Prevent filename change when restoring a multidisk virtual image from a non-regular filename (e.g. /dev/cdrom).
  • added support for file based backups (virtual image).
  • added DVD support (needs cdrecord-ProDVD).
  • added CRC checksum to ensure backup integrity.
  • now auto-detecting media size (via cdrecord -atip).
  • now using defaults from environment vars CDR_DEVICE & CDR_SPEED.
  • fixed a typo in the man page (Debian Bug#180279).
  • check return value of read() in diskchange.
  • fixed missing stderr in fprintf() calls.
  • added some glue to compile on SunOS.
  • added -F option to cdrestore to force starting restore in the middle of a multi-disk set.
  • added -T option to cdrestore for testing data integrity.
  • added -R option to cdrestore to disable kernel read-ahead during restore.
  • added debug output with option -D for cdbackup/cdrestore.
  • added a "known problems" section to the man page covering the read-error-at-end-of-session problem.
  • improved Makefile.
  • some more fixes to allow >2GB data on a single disk (SH)
  • added commandline option to specify padsize and enable CDROM XA2 mode (SH)
  • changed gcc options in Makefile (SH)
  • code cleanup (SH)
  • added man page, updated README (SH)
  • fixed size calculations with multi-disk backups > 2GB (SH)
  • minor message cleanups (CC)
  • multidisk-support (SH)
  • unix-like commandline options (SH)
  • can pass additional options to cdrecord (SH)
  • code cleanup (SH)
  • various bugs fixed (SH)
  • Revamped Makefile (CC)
  1. Fixed bug in command-line parsing (JY)
  2. Added error messages to command-line parsing (JY, CC)
  3. Various sloppy code fixes (JY, CC)
  4. Changed Makefile to check for compiler warnings (JY, CC)
  1. Initial public release.