*MechForce HQ History


  • Fixed display of the reputation higher elite.
  • Fixed possible bug in healing sequence. 'Super' Characters with more HitPoints than 10*Body could gain negative Experience during healing.
  • Any screensize bigger 704x282 allowed and all windows dragable.
  • Technicains are marked with '¤' in the Character list, Medics with '¢' (only if they are fully healed).

    V0.53ß (hopefully really the last BETA)

  • In some cases not all libraries were closed on program exit.
  • Now requesting for diskfont.library V36 instat of V37.
  • Characters could be killed while healing without the appropriate requester shown up.
  • Fixed strange behavior when character was killed by a healing attempt.
  • Character gets 1 HitPoint when resurrected.
  • Added an option to do a partial healing, if the character has not enough C-Bills for a complete healing in the hospital.

    V0.52ß (last BETA release)

  • Each Character gets at least 10000 C-Bills on startup.
  • When selecting an new Character the Mechlist jumps to the appropriate Mech, rather than leaving the Mech outside the display area. This is available only under 3.x, because there is no easy way to do it under 2.x, sorry.
  • Fixed handling of the arrow buttons in the weapon/skills list under 2.x. It was a missing GA_Immediate.
  • Fixed bad rendering of listview gadgets under 2.x.

    V0.51ß (third BETA release)

  • Fixed some typos.
  • Small rework of the manual.
  • Hopefully fixed the 'repair-failed-all-money-lost' bug.
  • Created a extra menu for preferences. This simplifies future expansions.
  • Added preferences for screenmode and colors. Hopefully this will fix display problems (scrolling screen) on NTSC based machines.
  • Reworked the enhancement of weapons. It's now harder to enhance weapons. The prices climb faster if you enhance already good weapons.
  • Added a retry button to the repair/healing requester. So you don't have to click heal->hospital->character on every try.
  • The calculation of the Mech weight tends to be more accurate in the factory when adding/removing parts.
  • New Units start with 5 millions to 10 millions c-bills.
  • Fixed mech repair. Strange mech could cause huge (or even negative) values to pay.
  • Added an undo button to the skills/attributes requester. If you hit undo, all actions are canceled and the Character gets back his Character Points.
  • Added a menu item to drop a Character without saving to disk, just in case you create a Character with TO BAD attributes to keep him.
  • Characters may now be killed, if a healing fails. There is a requester to abort healing, if the Character is in a very bad state.

    V0.50ß (second BETA release)

  • Browse Mechs is gone. Was not very usefull at all. You can use Buy Mech to browse around and then hit cancel.
  • New feature: Offers. Units may put Mechs to a global clipboard and demand a price for selling the Mech. Other Units may look at the clipboard and may buy these Mechs.
  • Fixed a bug in loading/saving Warrior-files. The Character Status was lost in space.

    V0.48ß (not released)

  • Cleaned up the code a bit, fixed some small bugs.
  • Fixed a small bug in Mech status report. If only the right leg or an internal component were damaged, the Mech doesn't got reported as damaged.
  • Fixed a bug which caused sometimes a Character to get 0 C-Bills of Salary on advance rank.
  • Fixed price calculation for enhanced weapons. Price was wrong for Mechs with weapons enhanced beyond max. values (e.g. TOA-IX-900).
  • Added a double-click feature to the filerequester.
  • Added a date to the entries of the Hall of Fame. Thereby the format of the MechForceHQ.fame file has changed. Use the ConvertFame program to convert your old file. To do this cd to your MechForce directory and enter 'convertfame', or double-click the ConvertFame icon.
  • Now displays the jumptime rather than the number of jumpjets, which seems to be more informative.
  • Fixed the generation of the Warrior-filename. The size extension for the Mech was missing, which caused problems with MechForce.
  • Fixed loading of Warrior-files with a destroyed Mech.

    V0.47ß (first public release)