*VDR MP3/MPlayer plugin - Changes

29.12.2009: Version 0.10.2 (vdr 1.6.0-2)
  • Fixed a segfault while direct song selection. Thanks to Halim Sahin for reporting.
  • Fixed possible division by zero in libsndfile decoder.
  • Fixed varoius warnings with never gcc versions.
  • Added commandline option for a user defined default background image.
  • Added OGG streaming support. Implemented by Manuel Reimer.
  • Made the handling of song information (e.g. ID3) UTF-8 aware. The infocache file is kept in UTF-8 format now.
  • Ignore errors while scaning recursive directories. Patch provided by Steffen Kaiser.
  • Map audio-button to "switch_audio" and next/prev-button to "seek_chapter" slave command in MPlayer replay. Suggested by Martin Dauskardt.
  • Set the environment variable DVB_DEVICE with the number of the primary device before calling mplayer.sh. Based on a patch from Marco Schinkel.
  • Use blocking IO for OSS output for improved compatibility. Suggested by Martin Dauskardt.
  • Backward compatible on-the-fly creation of the i18n.c file using Udo Richter's po2i18n package.
  • Removed compatibility with VDR versions < 1.4.5.
  • Added italian translations.
  • Updated french and russian translations.
  • For detailed changes please refer to the HG history.
27.08.2007: Version 0.10.1 (vdr 1.4.7 / 1.5.9)
  • Fixed segfault in MP3 infocache purge on plugin exit.
  • Added support for VDR 1.5.7+ gettext internationalization.
17.06.2007: Version 0.10.0 (vdr 1.4.7 / 1.5.2)
  • Fixed directory scaning in file browser if remembered directory has been removed meanwhile. Reported by Halim Sahin.
  • Added processing of kNext/kPrev to skip songs. Patch provided by Peter Pinnau.
  • Made subsampling mode selection for ppmtoy4m call in example image convert script backward compatible. Suggested by C.Y.M.
  • Fixed a missing include in mplayer.c. Reported by Dirk Vornheder.
  • Now closing all unused filedescriptors in MPlayer child thread. Suggested by Anssi Hannula.
  • Now defaults to slavemode enabled in MPlayer plugin.
  • Adapted to the API changes in vdr 1.5.0+.
  • Documentation updates.

21.09.2006: Version 0.9.15 development (vdr 1.4.1-4)
  • NOTE: This version has been tested with VDR 1.4.x only. It might be still compatible with VDR 1.2.x or 1.3.x, but this wasn't verified.
  • In MPlayer filebrowser you can display a summary text file with key "0". Filename convention: video filename extended with ".summary", e.g. "somefile.avi" -> "somefile.avi.summary". Summary files are not shown in the browsers filelist. (was in 0.9.14 already, but was missing in history)
  • Using ".txt" and ".nfo" as alternative extention for MPlayer summary file display. Suggested by Soeren Sonnenburg.
  • Additionaly searching for a MPlayer summary file with the video filename extention stripped of (e.g. "somefile.summary").
  • Added SVDR and service support to MP3 and MPlayer plugin. Based on a patches provided by Olivier Jacques and Holger Brunn.
  • Added setup option to reverse title/artist display in MP3 plugin.
  • Added support for basic HTTP authorization in MP3 streaming.
  • Now passing correct name & path to VDR's status class during MPlayer playback.
  • Added commandline option to specify a subdirectory to load sources file from. Suggested by Ronny Kornexl.
  • Added commandline option to specify a directory for the global MPlayer resume file. Suggested by Ronny Kornexl.
  • Added -S option to ppmtoy4m call in example image convert script. Suggested by Thorsten Gehrig.
  • Replaced leftover usleep() calls. Thanks to Malte Schröder.
  • Moved cleanup of ID3 cache to a seperate thread to prevent watchdog timeout. Suggested by Peter Holik.
  • Fixed browser excludes taking effect only after the first directory change. Reported by Soeren Sonnenburg.
  • Fixed parsing the filename from MPlayer output. Based on a fix from TomG.
  • Fixed MPlayer volume changes. Take non-linear changes in VDR into account. Reported by Daniel Karsubka.
  • Fixed delay when MPlayer process exits at EOF. Reported by Daniel Karsubka.
  • Fixed MPlayer volumen handling for VDR 1.4.1-2. Note that the current code doesn't work with VDR 1.4.1 and 1.4.1-1.
  • Fixed button translations with vdr 1.3.38+. Thanks to Ville Skyttä.
  • Fixed some gcc 4.1 issues. Thanks to Ville Skyttä.
  • Removed explizit libz dependency from Makefile. Suggested by Ville Skyttä.
  • Updated Makefile according to changes in VDR 1.3.47 & 1.4.1.
  • Updated finish translations. Provided by Rolf Ahrenberg.
08.01.2006: Version 0.9.14 development (vdr 1.2.6/1.3.38)
  • Fixed VDR hanging for some seconds when skipping songs and fixed pause mode freezing live background when using OSS output. Reported by Andy Grobb.
  • Now muting DVB audio while using OSS output.
  • Finaly restored the function of the back key (jumps directly to plugin main menu) (vdr >= 1.3.32 only). Thanks to Sascha Volkenandt for the hint.
  • During MPlayer playback, the name of the current videofile is now parsed from the MPlayer output. If you're using some kind of playlist hack, the MPlayer plugin will now report the correct filename. Based on suggestions from Ronny Kornexl.
  • Extended the example mplayer.sh file to show how a playlist can be passed to MPLayer.
  • Fixed segfault in progress display with skincurses. Thanks to Pasi Juppo for reporting.
  • Adapted to the API changes in vdr 1.3.38.
31.07.2005: Version 0.9.13 development (vdr 1.2.6/1.3.24)
  • Moved OSD position selection to plugin setup menu (as before this works for non-skined vdr <1.3.7 only).
  • Removed DVD navigation from MPlayer slavemode.
  • Added support for configurable keys (0-9) in MPlayer slavemode. The slave command can be entered in the plugin setup menu and is sent to MPlayer during playback if the key is pressed.
  • Added support to display a summary file (plain ascii) in the MPlayer browser. If you are on a video file, press '0' to display the summary. The summary file has to be named like the video file but with ".summary" appended (e.g. video.mpeg -> video.mpeg.summary).
  • New MP3 plugin setup option to keep the selection menu opened after selection. Suggested by Mikko Mäkinen.
  • Fixed ringbuffer timeouts in network code.
  • Fixed ID3 V2 tag handling. Unusual big tags caused the ID3 scanner to mark the file as bad. Now correctly skipping ID3 tags during playback too. Reported by Olaf Henkel.
  • Prevent writing to a broken pipe in mplayer slave control. Reported by Gerhard Steiner.
  • Fixed passing AID 0 to mplayer.sh. To allow MPlayer autoselect the audio stream, set AID to -1 (this can only be achieved by entering 0 and than pressing left).
  • Improved creation of LPCM frames. Based on the changes in muggle 0.1.8.
  • Updated french translations. Provided by Jerome Rousset.
17.03.2005: Version 0.9.12 development (vdr 1.2.6/1.3.22)
  • Fixed background image convert hanging a long time and some other oddities.
  • Now filtering image files in the song browser display.
  • Extended include field in mp3sources.conf to allow multiple patterns seperated by '/' e.g. *.mp3/*.ogg/*.txt
  • Enhanced image convert script for NTSC format. Thanks to Cym.
  • Fixed list sorting for vdr versions before 1.3.15.
  • Fixed MPlayer slavemode progress display reappearing on user requested close.
  • Now explicitly setting C locale in example image convert script. Thanks to Tobias Grimm.
  • Changed the location where cStatus::MsgReplaying is called. Helps to prevent a crash in graphlcd. In my opinion cControl API should be called from the foreground thread only. Reported by Wolfgang Fritz.
  • Fixed a huge bunch of typos in the documentation. Thanks to Ville Skyttä.
  • Updated finish translations. Provided by Rolf Ahrenberg & Ville Skyttä.
20.02.2005: Version 0.9.11 development (vdr 1.2.6/1.3.21)
  • Now using propper readdir() to scan directory contents rather than the external find & sort tools.
  • Added cover image display during MP3 replay. See the README on how this has to be configured. If you was using the old image patch, be aware that there are now new commandline options and that the layout of the cache directory has changed. Initial patch made by Eloy, currently maintained by Tobias Grimm for ctvdr-debian package.
06.02.2005: Version 0.9.10 development (vdr 1.2.6/1.3.19)
  • Fixed MPlayer resume for filenames/directories containing whitespace characters.
  • Fixed vdr 1.3.18+ compatibility with BROKEN_PCM=1.
  • Fixed MP3 replay with vdr 1.3.19+. Thanks to Tobias Grimm.
  • Fixed huge memory leak in song/decoder handling (approx 22kB/song). Thanks to the great valgrind tool.
  • Fixed some mismatched new[]/delete calls.
  • Reduced MP3 decoder memory footprint (stopped state, from 22k to 308).
  • Fixed crashes on status display from background threads (e.g. connect to streamserver). An asyncronous status display was added.
  • Updated finnish translations. Provided by Rolf Ahrenberg.
  • Updated recommended library versions to libmad/libid3tag 0.15.1b and libsndfile 1.0.11.
  • Updated patch for cdfs 0.5c. Correct tracksize for last audio track if a data track follows. Thanks to Merten Falk.
10.01.2005: Version 0.9.9 development (vdr 1.2.6/1.3.18)
  • Added global MPlayer resume file. This is used if the directory of the video file is not writeable. The global resume file is located in the video directory.
  • Added DVD navigation to MPlayer slavemode. Due to this some other functions have been moved to new keys. See MANUAL file.
  • Added some glue for vdr 1.3.18.
  • Fixed saving of MPlayer setup option "ResumeMode". You can select if you want "local/global" or "global only" resume files too.
  • Fixed thread deadlock in playmanager and non-blocking libsndfile reader (appearently only with some pthread versions) and high cpu usage of background scan thread when using libsndfile decoder. Thanks to Tobias Grimm for debugging.
  • Removed workarounds for broken PCM handling in firmware (PCM pause & samplerate changes). This requires DVB firmware 261d-rc6 or newer. If you prefer to use an older firmware, you can use the make commandline option BROKEN_PCM=1 to enable old behaviour.
  • Fixed handling of sym-links in source base path and playlists.
  • Fixed path generation for "wide" sym-links.
  • Replaced non-reentrant glibc functions with reentrant versions.
  • Updated finnish translations. Provided by Rolf Ahrenberg.
28.11.2004: Version 0.9.8 development (vdr 1.2.6/1.3.14)
  • Added MPlayer audiostream selection. Audiostream is selected with the blue key in the MPlayer menu. The selected stream is passed to the mplayer.sh script as "AID x" where x is the stream number. For compatibility reasons the AID parameter is passed after the SLAVE parameter. Due to this, parameter positions aren't fixed any more. You have to implement a flexible parameter parsing in mplayer.sh. See the example file how this can be done. Based on a patch from VDR-Portal.
  • Fixed segfault in shuffle code when adding a single song to the current playlist. Reported by Malte Schröder.
  • Fixed segfault in network code (pthread_cancel). Reported by Malte Schröder.
  • Fixed mounting/unmounting sources in MPlayer plugin. Reported by Guy Roussin.
  • Fixed status display with open (classic) progress display for vdr 1.3.7+.
  • Added russian translations (vdr >= 1.3.2). Provided by Vyacheslav Dikonov.
24.09.2004: Version 0.9.7 development (vdr 1.2.6/1.3.12)
  • Added non-blocking reader thread to libsndfile decoder.
  • Fixed backward skip and progress display. Reported by Burkhardt Petermann.
  • Fixed some locking problems in play manager.
  • Fixed handling of samplerate changes für DVB & OSS output.
13.09.2004: Version 0.9.6 development (vdr 1.2.6/1.3.12)
  • Changed the way how the player maintains the ringbuffer to prevent audio dropouts while background scan is active.
  • Increased player rindbuffer size and take care of ringbuffer contents when skipping forward.
  • Prevent full file scan on MP3 decoder check.
  • Flushing playlist on playback abort to unblock removable sources. This also prevents the background scanner to continue after playback was aborted.
  • Removed a buffer-to-buffer copy in DVB output.
  • Fixed several race conditions where the play manager could discard the currently played or scanned song.
  • Added a patch for cdfs 0.5c to correct discid calculation (applies to cdfs 2.4.20 as well).
07.09.2004: Version 0.9.5 development (vdr 1.2.6/1.3.12)
  • Resolved several oddities in progress display if the player is idle.
  • Now removing trailing '/' from source definitions in *sources.conf and warn the user about this.
  • Outdated entries in the MPlayer resume file are removed now.
  • Fixed playback start delay in case the background scanner is working on the current song.
  • Fixed progress display for net streams. Reported by Wolfgang Fritz.
  • Fixed MPlayer rewind button (broken by sources fix in 0.9.4). Reported by Sebastian Kemper.
  • Updated finnish translations. Provided by Rolf Ahrenberg.
  • Added a patch that prevents the VDR core from aborting the MP3 player in black background mode (see patches subdirectory).
03.09.2004: Version 0.9.4 development (vdr 1.2.6/1.3.12)
  • Added a queue manager. During playback you can add new songs to the playlist by selecting them from the MP3 menu/browser. To flush the playlist you have to stop the player for now. You can add new songs even if the player is kept idle (see below).
  • Replaced setup option "mute at end of list" with "abort player at end of list". If you set this option to "no" and the end of playlist is reached, the player is kept idle. To restart playback select a song to restart from there or "up" to restart from the begining.
  • Background scan (formerly known as ID3 prescan) now also can determine the song level. Note that level scan requires to decode the complete song. This is done on a seperate thread with nice 5 but nevertheless it needs CPU cycles. If your system crawls, you can set background scan to "ID3 only" in the plugin setup menu.
  • Added commanline option -C to specify the directory to place the id3cache file. The default is to place the file into the video directory.
  • MPlayer resume feature can now be disabled in the plugin setup menu. No resume file is created in this case.
  • Another fix to the OSS output. Now using little-endian samples only (which should be supported by all soundcard drivers).
  • Fixed mounting/unmounting of MPlayer sources (Bug introduced in 0.9.2). Thanks to Bill Blough for spotting this one.
  • Updated finnish translations. Provided by Rolf Ahrenberg.
03.07.2004: Version 0.9.3 development (vdr 1.2.6/1.3.11)
  • If a (single) selected file in the MP3 browser is actualy a playlist (*.m3u), load the playlist rather than trying to play the file. This allows to have playlists in subdirectories (by now only selectable from the browser not from the main menu). Note that song paths must be either absolute or relative to the location of the playlist file. Suggested by Helmut Auer.
  • Now returning replay mode information in MP3 replay. Suggested by Sascha Volkenandt.
  • Now paying attention to values returned by OSS ioctl's. This fixes playback for sound drivers which doesn't support big-endian samples. Thanks to Antti-Pekka Liedes for reporting and testing the fix.
  • Added setup option to hide the mainmenu entry.
  • Updated finnish translations. Provided by Rolf Ahrenberg.
  • Fixed VDR 1.2.x compile issues.
  • Fixed crash on status message display while the classic replay display is open.
24.06.2004: Version 0.9.2 development (vdr 1.2.6/1.3.11)
  • Added a setup option to toggle MP3 replay display between classic and skin version. Note that the big playlist display isn't available in skin mode.
  • Added rewind button to MPlayer menu. Suggested by Sebastian Kemper.
  • Updated finnish translations. Provided by Rolf Ahrenberg.
  • Fixed current play time calculation for MPlayer without slave-patch. Reported by Uwe Scheffler.
  • Fixed status messages which were displayed for ever. Reported by Sascha Volkenandt.
05.06.2004: Version 0.9.1 development (vdr 1.2.6/1.3.9)
  • Added finnish translations. Provided by Rolf Ahrenberg.
  • Adapted to the changes in VDR 1.3.7+. Based on patches provided by Sascha Volkenandt & Sven Goethel.
  • Fixed long standing bug in ID3 tag parsing, when the file contains an incomplete ID3 tag at the end of file. Thanks to Matt Tovey for debugging.
  • Better german translations. Suggested by Andreas Brachold.
  • Now ignoring dot-files in file browser. Suggested by Patrick Cernko.
  • Now showing total play time in MPlayer progress display. The value may be inaccurate. Suggested by Patrick Cernko.
  • Added resume capability for MPlayer. The resume position is stored in a file called ".mplayer.resume" in the directory of the MPlayer file. Based on a patch provided by Patrick Cernko.
  • Added a setup option to mute audio at end of playlist. Based on a patch provided by Christoph Gohle.
  • Now accepting absolute paths in playlists, even though the path must point to somewhere inside the defined source directory. Suggested by Niklaus Stutz.
08.05.2004: Version 0.9.0 (development) (vdr 1.2.6/1.3.1)
  • Added OSS soundcard output. Use make option WITH_OSS_OUTPUT=1 to compile support, commandline option -D to change DSP device and plugin setup menu to select output mode. Thanks to Gunnar Roth.
  • Added shoutcast/icecast metadata parsing. Thanks to Andreas Brachold.
  • Now restoring locale settings in MPlayer plugin.
  • Fixed MPlayer exit problem while paused.
  • Fixed showing outdated song name shortly after start of a new song.

16.01.2004: Version 0.8.3 (vdr 1.2.6/1.3.1)
  • Fixed shutting down network connection (race condition).
  • Added a pointer to Juri's mplayer.sh in the README.
  • Fixed compilation problem with VDR 1.3.x and Beauty-Patch.
16.11.2003: Version 0.8.2 (vdr 1.2.6)
  • Fixed quoting special shell characters when calling MPlayer.
  • Now sending a "quit" to MPlayer when in slave mode rather than killing the process.
  • Updated recommended library versions to libmad/libid3tag 0.15.0b and libsndfile 1.0.5.
08.08.2003: Version 0.8.1 (vdr 1.2.2)
  • Fixed network code for DOS-style \r\n. Thanks to Roland Praml.
01.06.2003: Version 0.8.0 (vdr 1.2.0)
  • Fixed thread cancelation in network code (valgrind hits).
  • Stable release 0.8.0.

25.05.2003: Version 0.7.15 plugin development (vdr 1.1.33)
  • Adapted to the changes in vdr 1.1.33.
  • Corrected the README about the fact that the plugins require vdr 1.1.29+.
  • Added Spanish & Catalan translations. Thanks to Ramon Roca.
18.05.2003: Version 0.7.14 plugin development (vdr 1.1.32)
  • Fixed ringbuffer handling for changes in vdr 1.1.31/32.
  • MPlayer progressbar can be moved up/down now. Use keys 6/9 while the progressbar is displayed.
  • Added Swedish translations. Thanks to Jan Ekholm.
27.04.2003: Version 0.7.13 plugin development (vdr 1.1.29)
  • Fixed compile error due to changes in vdr 1.1.29.
  • Fixed VDR version check.
18.04.2003: Version 0.7.12 plugin development (vdr 1.1.27)
  • Added support for MPlayers slave commands "get_percent_pos" & "get_time_length". Gives better results for the progressbar. The slavemode patch for MPlayer is still needed as not all video formats provide information through these slave commands.
  • Fixed s/ms mixup in remote CDDB connect.
  • Fixed possible deadlock-race in mp3 & snd decoder.
  • Added OggVorbis decoder. libvorbis & libvorbisfile needed.
  • Updated French translation. Thanks to Pierre-Henri Beguin.
  • Added VDR version check.
27.03.2003: Version 0.7.11 plugin development (vdr 1.1.26)
  • Fixed MPlayer AudioDelay(). Thanks to Sven Goethel.
  • Fixed MPlayer key repeat. Thanks to Reinhard Walter Buchner.
  • Added yellow/green key to MPlayer control to skip back/forward a minute. Key assignment may change in future for these keys.
  • Fixed Makefile for DVB includes.
  • Fixed creation of cMPlayerStatus according to the rules.
  • Fixed pipe reading and parse code. Caused all kind of weird behaviour.
  • Some changes to the MPlayer pipe handling.
  • Changed the network ringbuffer handling. You should use VDR version 1.1.25+ or you may suffer from high cpu load during network streaming.
  • Added a console message if a plugin fails to start due to a missing sources.conf.
03.02.2003: Version 0.7.10 plugin development (vdr 1.1.23)
  • Added patches for MPlayer 0.90rc1 (contributed by Beppe on the VDR ML).
  • Adapted to the API changes in vdr 1.1.22.
  • Removed speed drift detection. Makes not much sense with HEAD driver, as this supports non-48kHz modes anyways.
18.12.2002: Version 0.7.9 plugin development (vdr 1.1.20)
  • Added commandline option to specify a script which is called before & after network access (e.g. for dial-up networking) (suggested by Matthias Raus).
  • Fixed playback speed check for (partly) corrupted files.
  • Fixed blocking frontend thread during possibly slow playback startup.
  • Added support for shoutcast/icecast streams. See MANUAL for URL file format and setup menu options.
24.11.2002: Version 0.7.8 plugin development (vdr 1.1.16)
  • Speed up local CDDB database search with huge databases. Due to this, only one subdirectory level is allowed in the database directory (usually the category name). This follows the common xmcd database layout.
  • Added code for remote CDDB lookups. cddb.sh script is no longer needed. Please note, that the commandline options have changed.
  • Added some status output while scanning/loading playlists to inform the user.
13.11.2002: Version 0.7.7 plugin development (vdr 1.1.16)
  • Updated Makefile to support Make.config.
  • Removed a deadlock together with the rt-patch.
  • Added support for the new remote keys (play,pause,fastfwd/rwd).
06.10.2002: Version 0.7.6 plugin development (vdr 1.1.12)
  • Removed a class name conflict (cSource) introduced with the changes in vdr 1.1.12.
  • Added a field to the sources.conf files to specify which kind of files should be used on a source (see mp3sources.conf.example).
06.09.2002: Version 0.7.5 plugin development (vdr 1.1.8)
  • Fixed bug in new status string code, which crashed VDR if a song without artist tag was played.
  • Fixed parsing error of MPlayer output in slavemode if "C" is not the current locale.
  • Fixed jump to minute in MPlayer slavemode.
  • If you have installed the "replay mode beauty patch" the new symbols are used for MPlayer progressbar too. This feature is auto-detected in the Makefile.
01.09.2002: Version 0.7.4 plugin development (vdr 1.1.8)
  • Changed the status string to show the loop/shuffle state too.
  • Fixed replay problem with background mode "black". With vdr 1.1.8 you must apply the included patch to the base source.
  • Changed the way mplayer.sh is called. Now it shouldn't be necessary to give the full path to the script if the script is in the current PATH.
  • Added MANUAL a file.
  • New setup option SlaveMode for MPlayer. With SlaveMode enabled you can control MPlayer via VDR. A progress display is available too. See MANUAL for details (thanks to Dariush Forouher).
23.08.2002: Version 0.7.3 plugin development (vdr 1.1.7)
  • Now using libsndfile 1.x.x. You must update you system. The plugin won't compile with version 0.0.x.
  • Fixed detection if MPlayer is still running.
  • Fixed GetIndex() to return frames rather than seconds (thanks to Martin Hammerschmidt).
  • The last second of the last song in a playlist wasn't played. Now waiting until the ringbuffer is really empty.
16.08.2002: Version 0.7.2 plugin development (vdr 1.1.7)
  • Fixed gcc 2.96 compiling error due to variable name "not".
  • Fixed a undefined symbol error when compiling without libsndfile.
  • Fixed a deadlock in the MP3 player.
  • Removed old stale LCD code parts.
  • Now using free() on all strings.
  • Adapted to the API changes in vdr 1.1.7.
11.08.2002. Version 0.7.1 plugin development (vdr 1.1.6)
  • Added some calls to the status monitor.
  • Fixed internationalization (thanks to David Spiller).
  • Fixed jump to the next song at the end of current song (thanks to David Spiller).
  • Replaced all busy usleep wait loops with proper condition variables.
  • Removed one thread level in the MPlayer plugin.
08.08.2002: Version 0.7.0 plugin development (vdr 1.1.6)
  • Updated the source base to release version 0.6.2.
  • Added MPlayer plugin.
  • MP3 playback now functionaly.

03.08.2002 - Version 0.6.2 (vdr 1.0.4)
  • Fixed remote CDDB lookups with sources which are marked non-mountable due to use of automounter (Thanks to Gerhard Steiner to figure this out).
  • Fixed volume display if the progress display is open.
12.07.2002 - Version 0.6.1 (vdr 1.0.4)
  • Fixed playtime display bug with libsndfile decoder.
  • Fixed crash when creating a new playlist.
  • Fixed compiling without libsndfile.
  • Fixed detection of WinAmp style playlists.
  • Updated the docs to state that libsndfile 1.0.x doesn't work due to API changes.
06.07.2002 - Version 0.6.0 (vdr 1.0.4)
  • Restructured the code to allow other audio codecs. An appropriate decoder is choosen based on file contents.
  • Added soundfile support (e.g. WAV) via libsndfile. At least libsndfile 0.0.28 required. If you don't want to use sndfile support, uncomment the WITHOUT_LIBSNDFILE line in the Makefile. Together with cdfs you can play cd-audio, too.
  • Added local and remote CDDB support for cd-audio.
  • 48kHz mode for older DVB drivers is now selectable from the setup menu.
  • Added automatik playback speed check. 48kHz mode is enabled if a speed drift of more than 3% is detected.
  • Fixed some more gcc 3.0.x compile problems.

29.06.2002 - Version 0.6.0rc1 development (vdr 1.0.4)
  • 48kHz mode for older DVB drivers is now selectable from the setup menu.
  • Added automatik playback speed check. 48kHz mode is enabled if a speed drift of more than 3% is detected. Usefull with older DVB drivers and/or misconfigured 48kHz switch in the setup menu.
  • Added remote CDDB lookups. To enable this, you must give the name of a script with the commandline option -R/--rcddb. The script will receive the wanted discid as an argument, has to do the remote lookup and store the resulting file to the local CDDB database. After the script has finished, the local database will be queried again.
  • Updated the README file.
16.06.2002 - Version 0.5.3 development (vdr 1.0.4)
  • Updated for vdr 1.0.4
  • Reverted info cache behaviour for files on non-removable media.
  • Added CDDB support for CD-Audio (local lookup only). Use the commandline option -B/--cddb to give the path to your CDDB-files (default is /var/lib/cddb). CDDB usage can be enabled/disabled via setup menu. Please report CDDB-files which aren't parsed correctly.
  • Throtteling the background scanner if the audio buffer runs low.
02.06.2002 - Version 0.5.2 development (vdr 1.0.2)
  • Smoother audio in MP3 mode, when jumping inside a song.
  • Improved info cache for use with equal-named files on different removal media (e.g. track-14.wav).
  • Decoder selector is now based on file contents and not on file extention.
  • Reduced decoder memory allocation (usefull with large playlists).
30.05.2002 - Version 0.5.1 development (vdr 1.0.2)
  • Include fixes from release 0.4.3.
  • Added soundfile (e.g. WAV) decoder using libsndfile. At least libsndfile 0.0.28 required. If you don't want to use sndfile support, uncomment the WITHOUT_LIBSNDFILE line in the Makefile.
20.05.2002 - Version 0.5.0 development (vdr 1.0.2)
  • Fork of development branch.
  • Major code restructuring to allow other audio codecs. No user visible changes until now.

15.06.2002 - Version 0.4.4 (vdr 1.0.4)
  • Updated for vdr 1.0.4
24.05.2002 - Version 0.4.3 (vdr 1.0.2)
  • Fixed compiling if MP3 and MPLAYER are not activated.
  • Fixed adding a playlist item behind the last item.
05.05.2002 - Version 0.4.2 (vdr 1.0.2)
  • Updated for vdr 1.0.2
  • Fixed some gcc 3.0.x compile problems.
  • Added greek translations. Thanks to Dimitrios Dimitrakos
  • Added a README file.
21.04.2002 - Version 0.4.1 (vdr 1.0.1)
  • Updated for vdr 1.0.1
  • Fixed crash on playback if the first entry of a playlist doesn't exists.
  • Fixed a bug in the mmap() streaming code which was introduced in 0.36 and caused a crash when rewinding a song.
  • Fixed file handling code for filesize greater than 2GB.
09.04.2002 - Version 0.4.0 (vdr 1.0.0)
  • Updated for vdr 1.0.0
  • Added french translations. Thanks to Maxime Guilbot
  • Added slovenian translations. Thanks to Matjaz Thaler
04.04.2002 - Version 0.39 (vdr 1.0.0pre5)
  • Updated for vdr 1.0.0pre5
  • Added version information to commandline option -V
  • Now checking the return value of FileReady...() in mp3-dvb.c
  • Fixed file display in MPlayer menu after changing the source.
  • Fixed crash after changing from a mount-able to a non-mount-able source (e.g. CDROM -> HD).
  • When entering the sources menu, position the cursor to the currently selected source.
17.03.2002 - Version 0.38 (vdr 1.0.0pre4)
  • Updated for vdr 1.0.0pre4
  • Changed mountscript option "-m" to "-o" as "-m" is now used for audio mute.
  • Adapted the config menu to the new paged layout.
  • Fixed crash when scanning a song without ID3 tag. Thanks to Christian Vogt for hunting the bug.
24.02.2002 - Version 0.37 (vdr 1.0.0.pre1)
  • Improved scanning of VBR songs which have many frames with the same bitrate at the beginning of the file.
  • Fixed playlist display with DEBUG_OSD.
  • Try harder to replay broken MP3 files.
  • If no ID3 tag is found, try to build a reasonable title from the filename (replace '_' with ' ', strip .mp3).
  • Fixed MP3 replay after another LPCM replay (DVD/AC3overDVB) was active.
  • Added a hint for everybody using the old ONLY48KHZ switch on the make commandline.
  • Added a mechanism to purge old entries from the id3 cache. This is configurable from mp3-config.h
11.02.2002 - Version 0.36 (vdr 0.99)
  • Updated for vdr 0.99
  • Fixed checking of mmap() return value. Crashed VDR if mmap() failed for some reason.
  • Fixed buffer handling for non-mmap()ed files. Wasn't refilled when empty and replay stopped after 2-5 seconds.
  • Added functionality to normalize the output level of all songs to a selected target level. See manual page on how this works and how to setup.
  • Moved most compile time options to mp3-config.h. See comments in the file if you wants to adjust them. NOTE: the make commandline option ONLY48KHZ has been moved to this file. If you are using a dvb driver dated before 2.1.2002 you must change the file.
  • Fixed bitrate display in progress display for vbr songs.
  • Added version information to id3cache file for future compatibility.
03.02.2002 - Version 0.35 (vdr 0.99pre5)
  • Updated for vdr 0.99pre5
30.01.2002 - Version 0.34 (vdr 0.99pre3)
  • Updated for vdr 0.99pre3 (no big deal ;-).
  • Comandline option -m wasn't compiled in with MPLAYER=1 only.
  • Now remembering the current diretory entry in the browser, too.
  • Added config option to enter the browser when selecting the MP3 menu.
28.01.2002 - Version 0.33 (vdr 0.99pre2)
  • Updated for vdr 0.99pre2.
  • Fixed bug where after editing a newly created playlist the changes were not saved to disk.
  • Fixed bug where adding multiple files to an empty playlist caused a segmentation fault.
20.01.2002 - Version 0.32 (vdr 0.99pre1)
  • Now ignoring CRC errors while decoding MP3
  • Fixed some typos which doesn't show up with gcc 2.95.2 but causes gcc 3.0 to freak out.
  • Added support for the new sample rates 44.1 & 32 kHz. Songs with a supported sample rate are played without resampling. If resampling is needed, try to be smart and select a "even" upsampling rate (e.g. 22050->44100). This requires a driver dated 2.1.2002 or later. If you want to use MP3 with an older driver, you must add ONLY48KHZ=1 to your make commandline or your songs are played at a wrong speed.
  • Changed jump feature. Now entering only a single value (no more hh:mm). The value is in minutes by default, but you can toggle it to seconds with the blue key while entering the value (m changes to s on display). Additionaly the up key performs an absolute jump.
  • Now remembering the last selected directory in the browser for every source. This makes it easier to add multiple files from a directory to a playlist.
  • When selecting a mountable source which is not mounted, a mount is done by default.
  • In the playlist editor it's possible to add directories recursivly now. If you're trying to add more than one file, there is a confirmation request.
16.12.2001 - Version 0.31 (vdr 0.99pre1)
  • Fixed compiling errors when MPLAYER=1 was used without MP3=1.
  • Added a caching mechanism for the ID3 infos. Scanned infos are written to a file located in the video directory and read back on startup. Huge speedup for displaying ID3 names in the editor and the playlist window.
09.12.2001 - Version 0.30 (vdr 0.99pre1)
  • Redesign of the progress display (more info shown).
  • Completely changed the keys for the playback control. Use up/down to skip songs and yellow key to pause/unpause. Use the green key to toggle loop/shuffle mode. Press once to enable loop, twice for loop&shuffle and three times for shuffle only. To disable shuffle, wait >4 seconds and press again. (Sorry, too few keys available).
  • Direct song selection with the number keys 0-9.
  • Added some items to the setup menu to configure the MP3 player. See the manual on my homepage for details.
  • Added a playlist display during playback. To open playlist window, press OK again after opening progress display (within 4 seconds). If available, ID3 names are displayed. ID3 names are only available for songs already played or which have been scanned by the background scanner. The background scanner only works, if enabled from the setup menu and if you CPU ist fast enough to do scanning beside decoding. If the playlist window is open, you can page through the playlist with left/right.
  • Added a "timesearch" function to jump to a position inside a song (use red key). The jump value is in h:mm. Use left to jump backwards and right to jump forward. Note: jumping forward requires to scan all frameheaders till the new position. On slow media or with long jumps this may be visible in the progress display.
  • Added some code to support the LCD patch. You must apply the LCD patch after the MP3 patch. You will get many warnings (which can be ignored) and unfortunaly one failed hunk in vdr.c (which has to be applied manually).
26.11.2001 - Version 0.27 (MPlayer version 0.3) (vdr 0.99pre1)
  • Updated for vdr 0.99pre1.
25.11.2001 - Version 0.26 (MPlayer version 0.3) (vdr 0.98)
  • Fixed bug which caused a crash on some machines when quitting MP3 playback.
19.11.2001 - Version 0.25 (MPlayer version 0.3) (vdr 0.98)
  • Updated for vdr 0.98
  • Using libmad for mp3 decoding. You must use at least version 0.14.2b. mpg123 is no longer needed. This removes all problems related to mpg123 (e.g. bad locale, startup hangup, left behind mpg123 thread).
  • Added ID3 support in playlist editor. You can switch display of filenames and ID3 names with the green key. NOTE: the initial display of the ID3 names can take some time as all the files have to be scanned. Press OK to see full information on a seperate page.
  • Added ID3 support in the browser. Press the blue key to get the information page. NOTE: on none-MP3 files only the filename is displayed.
  • Added '-follow' to the find commandline when scanning directories to follow links.
  • Joined with MPlayer patch. Add MPLAYER=1 to make command line to enable MPlayer support. Obmit MP3=1 if you want only MPlayer support.
26.10.2001 - Version 0.22 (vdr 0.97)
  • Fixed scanning of directories named with special characters (like backtick, backslash, dollar, doublequote).
  • Added some warnings to syslog if a source basedir doesn't exists or is a link.
  • Fixed a bug in the directory browser, where an already freed string was used.
  • Added support for loading WinAmp-style playlists. Lines starting with # are treated as comments. Backslash (\) is converted to slash (/) for proper path names. If the DOS name contains a slash (/) it's converted to '?' and playing the file will propably fail. WinAmp-style playlists cannot be edited. A WinAmp-style playlist is detected if the line #EXTM3U is hit.
  • Removing the upper case playlist extention .M3U in the MP3 menu, too. Note: you can't distinguish playlists if their names differ only by the case of the extention.
  • Fixed mpg123 command line options. Conversion to 48kHz did not took place (songs where played 8% too fast). This may improve the poor audio quality some people reported and fix the mono-mp3 double replay speed problem (untested, no mono-mp3 available here), too.
  • Closing all unused file descriptors in the decode thread.
  • Changed version numbering.
23.10.2001 - Release 10 (vdr 0.97)
  • Updated for vdr 0.97
  • Some changes to reduce OSD activity during replay.
15.10.2001 - Release 9 (vdr 0.96)
  • Now excluding *.m3u files in instant playlists.
  • Fixed bug which caused random characters in playlist rename.
  • When selecting a new playlist during playback, the playbuffer isn't aborted but signaled to load the new list.
  • In the browser, when returning from a subdirectory, the position in the parent directory is remembered.
  • Added some missing translations.
  • Added a changes files (mp3.changes).
  • Fixed silly typo in mount.sh.example.
09.10.2001 - Release 8 (vdr 0.96)
  • Playlist editor completed.
  • Directory browser which allows to play individual files and whole directories (even recursivly).
  • Allows multiple source for your MP3 files, even removable media (CDROM) which can be mounted/unmounted/ejected at runtime.
  • Removed the need of a 'files' and a 'lists' directory.
03.10.2001 - Release 7 (vdr 0.96)
  • A somewhat complete playlist editor.
  • Minor bugs fixed.
24.09.2001 - Release 6 (vdr 0.96)
  • Updated for vdr 0.96
  • Fixed bug when playlist contains a diretory name rather than a file name.
  • Some work done for the upcomming playlist editor (not user visible at the moment).
16.09.2001 - Release 5 (vdr 0.95)
  • Updated for vdr 0.95
  • Lost audio problem partly fixed. Audio is only lost sometimes and can be curred by tuning to another channel. Thanks to Thomas Koch for his work.
02.09.2001 - Release 4 (vdr 0.94)
  • Updated for vdr 0.94.
  • Removed hard coded path for mpg123.
  • Bug fixed when mpg123 couldn't be started.
  • Added back key to return to playlist selection.
31.08.2001 - Release 3 (vdr 0.93)
  • Added more replay controls.
  • Added progress display (with ID3 support).
  • Added loop/shuffle mode.
  • Fixed bug with skipping forward/backwards.
  • Fixed bug with non-existent mp3 files.
  • Many small things I don't remember.
27.08.2001 - Release 2 (vdr 0.93)
  • Updated for vdr 0.93.
  • Two minor bugs fixed.
22.08.2001 - Release 1 (vdr 0.92)
  • Initial release